MONUMENT VALLEY holds artistic, historically-themed workshops that experiment with forms of reflection and build bridges to social responsibility, solidarity and empathy.

People from all over the world come together in Berlin, living in a sea of housing structures that spread out across a wafer-thin membrane over the stories of war, colonialism, migration flows and revolutions. Our city is a huge belly full of material testimonies and stories that need to be recovered and reflected in their signification.

The ‘S27 – Art and Education’ implements, together with the Stadtmuseum (‚City Museum‘) and the StreetUniverCity, archaeological and artistic expeditions with young people. The rubble and traces of the past can become keys that allow young people from different scenes and communities -via haptic experiments and aesthetic processes- to reflect on past events and to give a concrete form to the culture of remembrance. Young people experience their own activation and discovering as a relevant social contribution, which leads to deepened understanding and engagement. And regardless of the span of their own life experiences, society urgently needs their perspectives to combine historical reflection with action for the future.

Three MONUMENTS are planned to be created for the first year of the project.

Archeology at the Teufelsberg – a ‘recycling hardware store’ is growing out of recovered mountain rubble materials at Haus der Statistik.

Post:colonial Designlab with moving boxes and packaging of the transport of the collection of the Ethnological Museum from Berlin-Dahlem to Berlin-Mitte.

The destroyed Lunapark in Halensee (1909-1935) was in it’s time Europe’s largest amusement park. In 2019 we start with exploratory expeditions and a research phase, for 2020 we’ll start with actions on site.


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Foto: Aris Kress-Kallidromitis & Luis Krummenacher